Sony starts the future with first personal 3D viewer

HMZ-T1 headset brings us one step closer to sci-fi movies.

Sony personal 3D displayStarting from this November, Japanese will be able to feel like in The Thirteenth Floor, Johnny Mnemonic or The Lawnmower Man. Sony is rolling out a new personal headset, capable of showing 3D movies right into your eyes.

HMZ-T1 consists of two OLED displays, each has a 1,280×720 resolution. The effect is like watching a movie on a big cinema screen. The image is separate for each eye, so the stereo 3D effect should be better than at least with 3D TV‘s and less tiring for eyes. Also the headset provides simulated 5.1 surround sound.

The cost of this new experience, as can be expected, will be very high. Sony in Japan will sell HMZ-T1 for around 60 000 yen (around 800 USD).

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