Wachowskis begin filming Cloud Atlas

After a long pause the extraordinary siblings start filming an epic movie spanning six stories from 19th century to post-apocalyptic future.

Cloud Atlas novel by David MitchellTogether with Andy and Lana Cloud Atlas is directed by exceptional German author Tom Tykwer, who jumped the world movie train with fast and unique Run Lola Run and then created a dark and cruel picture Perfume. Tykwer and Wachowskis teams will be working separately with different crews and different locations.

Cloud Atlas is based on the same name novel by British author David Mitchell. It consists of six stories, every one of which is told by the character in the next story, so the world from 19th century islands of Pacific Ocean to the distant post-apocalyptic future in Hawaii is connected. The book story goes forward and then back, so it will be interesting how Wachowskis will recreate it in the movie.

The cast is very impressive and definitely suitable for such complicated job. Two actors lead the ensemble: Tom Hanks and Hale Berry, then there are such names as Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, Wachowskis bought up star Hugo Weaving.

Directors and producers of Cloud Atlas are taking a really challenging road to finance the movie independently and so far a lot of different funds and distributors in many countries backed it. Movie budget will be around 100 million US dollars and it is already named as the biggest movie produced in Germany. The premiere date is set for 2012 October.

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