Two Snow White movies next year

After Tim Burton‘s Alice surprisingly joined the exclusive billionaire‘s club, many jumped the train and started to reinvent classic fairy tales. Here comes the first one from the same Alice producer and another from Immortals director.

Snow White and the HuntsmanSnow White and the Huntsman tells a well known tale about an Evil Queen, who is always asking her mirror if she is the prettiest in the world. And when she finds out, that the Snow White is prettier, she sends a huntsman to bring her. He of course falls with her in love and starts to fight against his employer.

The cool thing about the movie is the dark style and really cruel queen, played by one of my favorites Charlize Theron. She really looks frightening and ready to sacrifice anything for her eternal beauty. Chris Hemsworth‘s (Thor) as a hunter seems reasonable too. The question is about the Snow White herself. Kristen Steward for sure will attract millions of Twilight fans, but somehow her face looks always depressed even when she appears outside of vampires and werewolves world. Hope she will not ruin such ambitious and already great looking dark tale.

Another possible problem is the total control of Alice producer Joe Roth, together with not so impressive team (Last Airbender, 10 000 BC producers), as they hired a completely new director with just commercials experience. Seems strange for such high profile film.

Mirror, MirrorInterestingly, there is another Snow White picture planned for next year – Mirror, Mirror. This one is directed by visionary Tarsem Singh, where Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen and relatively unknown actress Lily Collins plays Snow White. This one will appear first in the beginning of spring and Snow White and the Huntsman premieres in the beginning of summer.



Update: The first clip of Mirror, Mirror just released. Looks like Disney movie, all nice and merry. Sad…

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