The Avengers

Masterfully achieved enormous and difficult task gathering together all (almost) Marvel heroes.

Director: Joss Whedon | Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo

Budget: 220 million | Box office: 1,330 million

IMDB: 8.7 (#31) | Metacritic: 69

The Avengers, Joss Whedon

It has been a very long journey and I’m surprised they arrived to its end and a new beginning. Since Iron Man debut in 2008 Marvel was patiently constructing a background for Avengers, which was finished only last year with Thor and Captain America.

The man for this difficult and responsible job was appointed perfectly. I’m always using an opportunity to praise Joss Whedon as I’m a big fan of his earlier works (except Buffy maybe) and it’s so nice to see him finally achieving such tremendous reception and financial success. Avengers already joined the exclusive billionaire club and became only twelfth movie crossing this dream line.

It was great that he not only directed the movie but wrote a script too which in other case might been a mess. Now the story is quite consistent and highlights each hero’s uniqueness. Of course it would make much less sense if you haven’t seen earlier Marvel movies, especially Thor, but there are really few people like that in Avengers audience. I loved that its building up slowly, giving time to reintroduce each character and kind of talk about the general idea of how and why are they connected all together.

There is not much point to talk about main heroes, the only feeling is that some of them are too much characterized. Especially Iron Man – I think they overstressed his style of talking and “I know everything” image. Sometimes Stark doesn’t feel natural, his humor is a bit forced.

The more interesting of course are yet unknown ones. I really wanted to see more of Hawkeye after brief introduction in Thor and Jeremy Renner as always did a great job. I love everything with bows and arrows so it was fascinating to see his skills both working with heroes and against them. Scarlet Johansson was a great companion too. But now I somehow can’t imagine seeing her in some usual dramatic role – Black Widow image suits her perfectly. The arch-enemy Loki does a great job too. With so much heroes its the villain on whose shoulders (or this time horns) rests the biggest responsibility holding all the stuff together.

And then there’s the biggest fear when waiting for the movie and the greatest surprise watching Avengers – The Hulk. I probably won’t be alone saying that the third time Marvel got it perfectly right. Mark Ruffalo really didn’t seem as a right guy for the big guy’s role, last notable for a beautiful The Kids Are All Right, but his Bruce Banner is so subtle and understanding himself and others, that it’s just marvellous to watch. The duo of him and Stark was really interesting to watch and The Hulk was not only technically miles impressive over the previous versions, but made a greatest joke in the movie.

All The Avengers shines with a really good humor with just couple a bit awkward and eye roll moments. The interactions sometimes become a bit obvious, not every character gets enough attention, but with this much heroes and events its really amazing the movie doesn’t fall apart in ten minutes. Most important – it manages to surprise even if you have followed closely the stories and in general appreciate the Marvel superhero world.

Now I can’t imagine what can DC Comics do to counter-attack this. Of course there are plans for Justice League, but there situation seems much more complicated and unclear.

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