The Cabin in the Woods

Smart and hilarious movie which turns classic horror tale upside down. 

Director: Drew Goddard | Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly

Budget: 30 million | Box office: 60 million

IMDb: 7.9 | Metacritic: 72

The Cabin in the Woods, Joss Whedon

Of all the genres I try to avoid horror movies the most. But this time after seeing a surprisingly high vote numbers and of course the name Joss Whedon behind it I couldn‘t resist. And I‘m really glad about it.

The first thing to know about The Cabin in the Woods is that the best is not to know anything. Especially not to watch the trailer. It does not reveal the main main twist and idea, but I think they could have avoided couple of scenes, which happen later in the movie and thus disclose a bit too much information.

It‘s cool that the movie actually doesn‘t try to pretend to be typical horror story with the main question who is the killer of poor young people staying in the spooky cabin. You know from the start that it‘s some kind of experiment, but then the truth is a bit more interesting than that.

I love the ability of Joss Whedon (this time working as a writer) to combine different style elements together. I already talked about sci-fi western Firefly, then was a social sci-fi drama Dollhouse. Sadly, both of these TV projects were not commercially successful and were discontinued without letting Joss fully develop his ideas. But now it seems he finally got his high wave and can enjoy success of this fun story and the amazingly well received Avengers.

The Cabin in the Woods main idea and its execution is really good and thoughtful. Actors do their job well with a center performance of Dollhouse favorite Fran Kranz. Couple gripes for me was some week CGI work – I think it would be much better if they stayed with special effects all the movie. And too much attention was given to the „medical“ substance, which saves the day, at least for the moment. It’s not California everywhere.

Anyway, this is great way to start a director‘s career for writer and producer Drew Goddard, who worked with Whedon’s Buffy, then Alias and Lost. It’s really interesting to know what he or the duo will come up next. I guess not the sequel though.

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