The Amazing Spider-Man

The famous superhero reboot is much more serious and emotional than earlier movies, but thankfully not too dark.

Director: Marc Webb | Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans

Budget: 230 million | Box office: 360 million (2 weeks)

IMDb: 7.7 | Metacritic: 66

Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield

After the lackluster and in some scenes downright awful third part of original Spider-Man series the reboot was inevitable. Marvel of course could not just leave the most famous hero without big screen presence so the work started at once. I was really worried that the new series will go Chris Nolan‘s Batman way, but Marc Webb and the team managed to keep at least some form of traditional a bit lighter Spider-Man comic style.

The main opinion maker of course is the new Spider-Man himself – Andrew Garfield. There were a lot of whines and complaints when he was announced as a lead. „He is too skinny!“ shouted some and etc. I really like the guy, I think he is worth all the praise he got for Social Network, he was frighteningly convincing in Never Let Me Go and I fondly remember his big break in Boy A. For me he perfectly works as  Peter Parker. Compared with traditional comic-book hero, which I had a honour to work with, he is much more serious and emotional. His few attempts to be funny and traditional jokes are not really convincing, but in general he is truly believable as a person and a hero.

It‘s nice that despite the darker general tone the new movie retains some fun episodes, a few of them are really surprising and leave this feel good emotion. There are many interesting and unusual scenes which help keep the movie fresh given that everyone knows the plot by heart. It‘s really personal, not only talking about Peter Parker, but other characters too. And it is shot brilliantly, using de facto 3D equipment Red Epic. I rarely try to remember the cinematographers name, but this time it‘s worth to mention John Schwartzman, who worked with The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour and got Oscar nomination for Seabisquit.

The Amazing Spider-Man is really a must see movie for many reasons. But I have one uneasy thought. I‘m not really interested to see what happens next. The sequel is already confirmed, but after introducing the main hero they will have to rely on enemies or supporting characters. The lizard here was convincing, but somehow Spider-Man villains for me look less serious and not so well suited for the new series direction. Again, I‘m comparing to Batman (all hopes now on Bane‘s shoulders), but hopefully the team will find a way to keep the style and give it the needed substance. They‘ve done it right this time.

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