The Expendables 2: meet the team

There is no big point writing a usual review for the sequel of very successful Stallone idea: it‘s awesome, explosive, funny, even surprising and has many real action stars. Meet the most serious guys.

Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone, Expendables 2

Age: 66

Nationality: American

Movies: 58

Biggest roles: Rambo, Rocky

Trivia: started his career from light porno movie.

In the film: a bit different, kind of more serious image, more emotions and brutal close combat.






Jason Statham, Expendables 2

Jason Statham

Age: 44

Nationality: British

Movies: 33

Biggest roles: Transporter, Crank

Trivia: Olympic diving participant, fashion model, street vendor

In the film: good role as Stallone sidekick, some nice jokes and impressive martial arts clashes.






Arnold Schwarzenegger, Expendables 2Arnold Schwarzenegger

Age: 64

Nationality: Austrian

Movies: 43

Biggest roles: Terminator, Conan

Trivia: two terms as California governor

In the film: finally we can see more of him! Nice jokes, good wordplay and open  gunfights.






Jean Claude Van Damme, Expendables 2Jean-Claude Van Damme

Age: 52

Nationality: Belgian

Movies: 48

Biggest roles: Kickboxer, Universal Soldier

Trivia: was a ballet dancer, participated in martial arts tournaments as Van Varenberg

In the film: great choice to cast him as the main villain! Very cool and cruel, some impressive and unexpected episodes. Please give him more roles like that!

P.S.: watch JCVD if haven‘t seen yet – amazing movie!



Dolph LundgrenDolph Lundgren, Expendables 2

Age: 54

Nationality: Swedish

Movies: 47

Biggest roles: Universal Soldier, Rocky IV

Trivia: master of chemical engineering, third level karate belt

In the film: actually tells his real story, great self irony, seems that he doesn‘t act at all.






Bruce WillisBruce Willis

Age: 57

Nationality: American (born in Germany)

Movies: 88

Biggest roles: Die Hard

Trivia: first actor to appear fully in videogame (voice and look, Apocalypse, 1998)

In the film: some nice shots, especially with Arnold, could‘ve been more involved in action.




Jet LiJet Li, Expendables 2

Age: 49

Nationality: Chinese

Movies: 44

Biggest roles: Romeo Must Die, Hero

Trivia: started his acting in one of the first films to bring martial arts to the masses – Shaolin Temple.

In the film: sadly, appears just in the intro scene.






Chuck Norris, Expendables 2Chuck Norris

Age: 72 (!!!)

Nationality: American

Movies: 38

Biggest roles: Walker, Texas Ranger

Trivia: debuted in the legendary fight against Bruce Lee, became a fun facts phenomenon.

In the film: the best part of the movie! His image is used perfectly. Even if you know and expect that of him, it still is really surprising and fun.

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