Resident Evil: Retribution

Boring and disappointing recycling of the same game and movie series ideas.

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson | Stars: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez

Budget: 65 million | Box office: n.a.

IMDb: 6.6 | Metacritic: 46

Resident Evil Retribution, Milla Jovovich 

I was really glad that Resident Evil series became so successful. I work with videogames so it‘s always interesting to see how their ideas are adopted to the big screen. Despite many criticisms, Paul W.S. Anderson‘s vision for the survival horror pioneer game for me was always interesting. All four earlier parts had at least something special about them. First part was of course the most important one and interesting as a new idea. In the second they impressively recreated the most famous enemy Nemesis. The third was exceptional for it‘s post apocalyptic Mad Max style. Fourth was stylish, cold and introduced well created 3D.

But now for the fifth part I just don‘t have any good words. The idea for the very beginning, when everything goes backwards in slow motion is nice and looks really great in 3D. But then again, it seems inspired from the award winning Polish zombie game Dead Island trailer. And then from the first scenes it‘s clear what will be going on through all the movie and it‘s not really interesting.

As there is nothing to spoil, here is all the plot: Alise is held captive in the biggest Umbrella facility, where the corporation made real virus tests in big cities environments. She of course has to escape with the help of team sent from outside. That‘s it. Everything is totally artificial and although director tries to use many good ideas from earlier movies and games, the famous characters and enemies, it just doesn‘t feel like a movie. As a game it might work: you have to go through hostile different environments and kill all the usual enemies and „bosses“. But watching such clashes is not interesting, there‘s just no greater meaning to it.

Well, at least at the very end they try to justify the film‘s idea, but then again, it‘s just made as an introduction to the next and hopefully last Resident Evil movie, which at least might be better than this one.

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