Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Mediocre sequel to one of the best videogame adaptations.

Director: Michael J. Bassett | Stars: Adelaide Clemens, Sean Bean

Budget: 20 million | Box office: 45 million

IMDb: 6.0 | Metacritic: 15


Silent Hill Revelation 3D

The main reason I watched the new Silent Hill movie was a chance to talk about this series in general and remember the original adaptation. For me 2006 Silent Hill movie is still one of the best, if not the best videogame big screen adaptation. The movie was filmed with a modest budget, but it managed to convincingly recreate the unique atmosphere of this famous PlayStation horror game series.

Another reason to watch the sequel is that it‘s based on the PlayStation 2 game Silent Hill 3, which for me is the best in the series. I still fondly remember those gripping and frightening hours spent in front of TV in the dark room. And I‘m not a fan of horror games or movies, so Silent Hill is really an exceptional work in my eyes.

But not the new movie though. The main character‘s Heather Mason story is interesting enough, her overwhelming visions of dark world, occurring in usual everyday situations are impressive. Sometimes you can even imagine that it‘s the same game, just with photorealistic graphics shown on the big screen. But in general the new movie lacks the feeling and atmosphere of the first one.

It‘s hard to pin down why it is so. Maybe because the famous game series composer Akira Yamaoka was no longer producing the movie (but thankfully still composed the score). Maybe it‘s an inferior talent of director Michael J. Bassett, whose portfolio consists of only mediocre and unknown movies. Former Silent Hill director Christophe Gans is also not a very well known and heralded creator, but his movies, like Brotherhood of Wolf and my cult favorite Crying Freeman, definitely have something unique and interesting.

That‘s probably it, because the new film lacks let‘s say artistic touch and the same Silent Hill icons such as cruel faceless nurses or Pyramid head looks like put here just because it‘s required to appear. The flow of events and encounters with enemies are not so immersive and deeply frightening. Even true 3D filming doesn’t help. And the ending is quite stupid.

So the advice would be better to find and play through Silent Hill 3 (HD versions were released this spring). Then the unique deeply frightening and disturbing experience is guaranteed. For many hours.

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